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Knowledge of Health & Human Services


“Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles and issues common to the major fields of health and human services including community health and social welfare and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities pertinent to the health and/or human service concentration area(s) selected.

In Spring 2014 I took SW 405: Social Work Practice. The class is one of three required courses in the Social Work concentration for CHHS majors. The course presented an ecological, strength-based perspective to the problem-solving process. It emphasized the need for cultural sensitivity in social work. The models, theories, and process learned in this course serve as the foundation for generalist social work practice. The course taught interviewing skills including client engagement, assessment, goal-setting, contracting, intervention, evaluation, and termination with individuals, families and groups. ( CSUMB Catalog, 2014)

The first assignment was to complete a Psycho-Social Case Assessment for the Shore Family. We had to describe and identify composition, presenting issues, culture background, family’s connection and influences, and and employment status.  Once these were identified, we used a Family Circumplex model and family ecomap to get a better understanding of system theory and ecological perspective of the case. This assignment allowed me to gain the ability to identify family issues and problem- solving steps presented in case planning in the human services field.

The next assignment was the observation and analysis of the Psycho-Administrative Group in the social work field. The purpose of this assignment is to gain understanding of the variety of groups in social work practice and to become familiar with principles of group leadership, process, dynamics, and goals. Through analysis of the group I was able identify, describe, and demonstrate the skills needed to become an effective group facilitator, use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a group, and gain problem-solving skills used in a group. This assignment demonstrates my ability to approach my work with an open, curious mind and with an appreciation for self while valuing the differences of others.

The final assignment was through SW 415:Children, Youth and Families. This class is an overview of early childhood disorders, child maltreatment, and the public child welfare system, especially case management, treatment planning, and case monitoring. For this class we were asked to complete a children, youth, & family intervention paper. My assignment focused on the correlation between mental health and juvenile offenses in where I was to identify the clinical issue and possible techniques and interventions to be able to gain knowledge on the issue. This assignment shows my ability to emphasize the skills of engagement, assessment, and intervention using a strengths perspective when working with children, youth, and families.

 Below are the links to the Shore Family Assessment, Administrative Group Presentation, & Children, Youth, Family Intervention Paper:

Shore Family Social Work Assessment

Administrative Group Presentation

Children. Youth, & Family (CYF) Intervention Paper






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