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Professional Development


“Demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for growth and development as an entry-level professional by producing evidence of increasing self-awareness and self-correcting behavior.”

In the fall of 2014 for class CHHS 496 A: Senior Field Placement Practice Seminar, I started my new internship field placement at the probation department. For the course we were asked to provide a sample of professional writing that was frequently used in my field placement. The purpose was to reflect on the attitudes, strategies, and purpose of professional writing in human services field. The document often used in my field placement is Violation of Probation (VOP). This document is used when the offender violates their term of probation for another crime he/she commits. The content of the VOP form contains information to the judge that recommends what sentence the offender should obtain. I worked closely with my mentor on the specific information needed in the documentation. With this assignment I was able to demonstrate the ability to present oneself in a professional manner and perform complex duties in the working environment including the ability to produce examples of professional level writing including agency reports, progress notes, and other applicable records (MLO 9).

The next section of evidence for class CHHS 496 A: Senior Field Placement Practice Seminar, is the major learning outcome Matrix for Professional Development (MLO 9). During this semester, I was to work closely with a field mentor to develop a professional development plan where the goals, skills and competency development and objectives where met while in the field placement. The matrix was evaluated at the end of the placement. The professional development skills competency acquired at the field placement was to increase my professional skills by learning to interview clients and to read police reports, probable cause declarations, and the probation departments reports to gain a full understanding of the facts of each case. My professional knowledge was increased by conducting myself in a very civil and professional manner in all interactions and by being sensitive to the need to project a persona that is firm but approachable when dealing with clients. My professional development attitude increased by being unbiased and objective in my observations. With this assignment I developed willingness to engage in “life-long learning” by committing to learning and adapting to a changing work environment in human services field.

My final piece of evidence is the Professional Development Reflection Assignment. The assignment required working closely with the mentor to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for growth and development as an entry-level professional (MLO 9). With this assignment I was able to self reflect on what is meant by professional development, and how is relates to my field experience. This assignment demonstrates my ability use personal reflection and critical thinking techniques when analyzing and assessing professional situations in need of self-correcting behavior.

Below are the links to the Professional Writing & Reporting Sample, Senior Field Placement(MLO 9), Professional Development Reflection Assignment:

Professional Writing & Reporting Sample

MLO 9- Professional Development Matrix

Field Placement Reflection Assignment





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