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Professional Communication


Demonstrates the ability to develop and maintain a flow of information between sender(s) and receiver(s) through use of critical listening skills and oral and written communication; ability to communicate both basic and complex ideas to a variety of groups; demonstrates an appreciation of the organizational and cultural contexts within which the communication will occur; and can conduct professional quality oral and electronic presentations.”

In Fall 2013, while enrolled in the Community Health & Human Services as a requirement we were required to finish a professional writing course, CHHS 302, the semester consist of doing an Advocacy Report by researching and gathering information about a health problem that I have identified as critical and I found interest in, and I choose to write about ” The Dark Side of Sexual Abuse in U.S. inmates: Causes, Effects, and Suggestions for Resolution”. This report demonstrates my ability to communicate professionally and effectively through research and writing. By doing an extensive research on the causes, effects, and suggestions for resolution to US inmates who are abused gave me the ability to be able to persuade a specific group of stakeholders regarding a specific problem. With this information I was also able to professional present an electronic presentation to my instructor and to the class.

The other section added to the Advocacy Report was an Executive Summary. The executive summary is a short document read by the executive, which summarizes the Advocacy Report in such way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with a large body of material without having to read it all. It contained the brief statement of the problem, causes, effects, and solutions to the problem. With this writing I learned the value of preparing the reader about highlights of the report. This writing assignment help me develop writing skills by displaying accuracy with respect to content, and concise wording with respect to sentence structure. This assignment clearly demonstrates my ability to professionally communicate in writing with clarity and conciseness to a group of people.

Lastly, I included the Letter of Appeal. The assignment was to write a one- page letter appealing to a organization or cause that would be able to take action or to make a contribution of some kind to the critical health problem I researched. I chose to write to General Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California, where I presented my findings about the high rates of sexual abuse in US correctional facilities and through the principles of rhetorical argumentation be able to address the critical situation. This letter of appeal demonstrates my ability to communicate critically and emphatically in written context.

Below are the link to my Advocacy Report, Executive Summary, and Letter of Appeal:

Advocacy Report

Executive Summary

Letter of Appeal






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