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Professional Ethics


“Demonstrate the ability to articulate the values and ethics which are the foundation for health and human services practice, to recognize areas of conflict between the professional values and the student’s own, and to clarify conflicting values in the delivery of health and human services.”

In Fall 2012, I took CHHS 350: Ethics for Health & Human Services. In this class I was able to become familiar with obligations of health care professionals in their relationships with clients, clarify the concept boundaries and boundary violations, and analyze examples of potential problematic actions to help Health and Human Professionals identify and avoid professionally inappropriate conduct.

The first assignment is a Code of Ethics Presentation. We were assigned to work in teams. We had to research and report the code of ethics for the health education professionals. The values and ethics for the health education professionals is the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations  (CNHEO). After we researched the CNHEO, we had to compare it with the National Association of Social Work (NASW) so we could articulate the fundamental ethical principles in variety of different helping professions and present it in class. With this assignment I was able to gain knowledge in understanding   various ethnic codes and standards of practice in the helping profession. I was also able to acquire skills in regards to general values and principles that help guide the professional’s behavior conduct and decision making pertaining to relationships between professionals and the client.

The second assignment is the Ethical Predicament. In this assignment we were given an ethical dilemma. We were assigned to work in team of two people, in where one was a client and the other was a social worker. I was the social worker and my partner was the client. We had to develop solutions in respect to the ethical guidelines. The purpose of this assignment was to gain understanding on how social workers at one point in their professional career will have two or more values that will conflict with each other and to help us gain the knowledge to understand their situation and find solution to their dilemma.

In Spring 2014 for class 396 S, JR Field Practice Seminar while doing my internship at Central Coast Center of Independent Living (CCCIL), where I worked with the under-served aging population in Monterey County, I was able to expand my knowledge, and skills, and attitude for Professional Ethics. For my knowledge, after meetings with the clients I was able to discuss ethical dilemmas weekly with my mentor and collaborate on actions and behavior. Also, during meetings with client and staff, I was able to share my own stories by showing an ethical value of reciprocity, as well maintaining the confidence of others. For my skills, I was able to identify, demonstrate ethical decision-making, and discuss problem-solving techniques with ALA clients. For my attitude, while co-chairing ALA meetings I was able to reflect and offer to help in order to show maturity and an ethical professional principal in accordance with CCCIL’s mission.

Below are the links to the Code of Ethics Presentation, Ethical Predicament, Professional Ethics (MLO 10):

Code of Ethics Presentation

Ethical Predicament CH 350

MLO 10 Professional Ethics






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