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The ability to work in teams in interprofessional settings across traditional lines of programs, agencies, disciplines, and diverse communities to establish and achieve common missions and purposes and to collaborate with others in decision making, learning, completing tasks and applying knowledge of group process and group interaction.

In Spring 2014 I took the 396 S: JR Field Practice Seminar. The class is the first series of classes required to meet the upper division service-learning requirement for Collaborative Health and Human services major. I started my internship with Central Coast Center of Independent Living (CCCIL) an agency who provides advocacy, education, and support to people with disabilities. I was assigned to work with a group called Aging Latinos in Action (ALA) whose priority area was to serve the needs of our region’s aging population and because of our demographics; this necessarily means the Latino Aging Population in Monterey County. With the grant received for ALA, the goal of the ALA team was to develop leadership roles in seniors to teach them how they could take action on any chosen agenda that was going to benefit them in the community. As an ALA intern, I had the opportunity to collaborate with ALA leaders by observing, presenting, and translating meetings. In this process, I was able to build my collaboration skills with ALA leaders and high respected leaders in the community to learn and establish relationships on working together as a team and be able to come out with a plan that will benefit the needs of the Aging Latinos.

Next, in Spring 2013, for PH 320: Introduction to Community Health, we were assigned to complete a team assignment where we were to choose a public health topic that affected the community.  The team assignment was to practice community health including multicultural definitions of health and illness, health education and health promotion, demography, epidemiology, environmental health, nutrition, and the health of diverse populations throughout the lifespan. The topic our team chose was  Teen Pregnancy in Monterey County.” Our main goal was to assess the community needs and assess that could help address the high rates of teen pregnancy among Monterey County. The assignment also required us to interview a teen pregnancy program to gain knowledge and skills on the many organizations they partnered up as well as to get feedback on what is working and not working for them in regards to prevent and reduce teen pregnancy among the youth. The assignment allowed me to collaborate with team members in decision making, and to apply knowledge of group process and group interaction when working in a team.

Finally, in Fall 2012, for CHHS 330: Collaborative Community Leadership, I and five other classmates collaborated together in an assignment to build a coalition model. Together we created a fictitious city called “Aldeia Luz do Sol Village. We created physical features, history, economy, government systems and institutions, education and health care system, justice system, civil society, community assets, community leadership and style, community assessments on how to solve community issues, principals and assumptions for collaboration, plan for natural and man-made disasters. As a team we created a team charter to define our expectations and to guide us in the direction to meet our goal and that was to create our village. In collaboration, each team member was responsible for contributing their part of the village. My part was to focus on the four stages of leadership: Reflect on old ways, Innovate find a new path, Grow walk a new path, and Lead inspire others.

Below are the links to the Junior Field Placement(MLO 1), Teen Pregnancy Assignment, Team Village:

MLO 1 Collaboration

PH 320 Assets and Interview (Team Assignment)

Aldeia Luz do Sol


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