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In the Spring of 2015, CHHS 496B, Senior Capstone B, as requirement for the class we were asked to apply 3 major learning outcomes (MLO’s) to our capstone project. During the course of the implementation and evaluation of my community-based project ” Reducing the High Rates of Recidivism in Monterey County, I chose to apply MLO 1 Collaboration, MLO 3 Cross Cultural Competency, and MLO 12 Research Statistic and Research Methods. The following link are the three MLO matrices completed by my field mentor as evidence.

An effective completion of the MLO 1 collaboration includes the ability to work in teams with the probation officers while my capstone was in process. I actively participated in discussions and case conferences with the probation officers to cultivate new ideas to provide better support services to reoffenders after their release from jail. I did this by exchanging information, asking questions and making suggestions about various issues relative to the reoffenders. This demonstrates the ability to share resources, expertise, and responsibility to achieve a common goal in a collaborative setting. I was able to build consensus and sustain participation with an interprofessional group, solving problems and resolving interprofessional conflicts. Lastly, I was able to understand what collaboration means, why it is important and how community conditions can be improved by employing the collaboration process.

For this project, I was able to implement MLO 3 Cross cultural competency into my capstone while working closely with the pretrial unit probation officers and becoming familiar with the many public and private helping agencies their department referrals their reoffenders to receive services. This helped me access available information and resources to be able to understand what services needed improvement for reoffenders based on their cultural needs. I was also able to apply my own knowledge and understanding with my own personal history combined with my experience as an intern, in which left me very sensitive to racial and cultural differences. This provides evidence on demonstrating and understanding the basic issues associated with cultural competence including knowing one’s own culture, the impact it has on professional practices of a variety of cultural groups within the working environment.

Lastly, I choose to integrate MLO 12 Statistic and Research into my community based project by collecting, measuring, and evaluating what services that the Probation Department offered to reoffenders and if such services were effective. To develop my knowledge on MLO 12, a sample of program participants were analyze, including follow-up contacts, to find ways to enhance the services that the pretrial unit offers. For this project, I was able to enhance my skills ability by using several law enforcement databases and did queries to filter out the participants included in my project. Overall, I was able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the application of basic research methodologies and statistical analysis techniques in my community based research. Also, I was able to recognize the role statistics play in funding allocation, program planning, service delivery, evaluation and policy development.

I have included an abstract of my Community Based Capstone Project “Reducing the High Rates of Recidivism in Monterey County”.


Monterey County has higher rates of recidivism than the state average. The Monterey County Probation Department, pretrial unit, where this senior capstone took place, gives the offender an alternative solution instead of jail time. This capstone project focused on getting statistical information on the offenders who recidivate to learn about the services offered to reoffenders and about their perceptions about their usefulness. The capstone report presents result and recommendations on the value and sustainability of the services were measured by interviewing officers in the unit.

Here is the document link: Capstone Final Report

Presentation link: Reducing the High Rates of Recidivism in Monterey County

MLO 1 Collaboration: MLO 1

MLO 3 Cross Cultural Competency: MLO 3

MLO 12 Research Statistics and Research Methods: MLO 12 Statistics & MLO 12 Research


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